What are the most common causes of injuries on a construction site in New York?

Last updated on: May 13, 2022

Construction workers bear the brunt of one of the most dangerous industries in New York, experiencing high rates of injury and fatality. Construction sites require workers to be in an inherently unstable environment, resulting in accidents among builders on a regular basis. Due to unstable conditions that are common in construction zones, injuries received from accidents occur more severely than usual and commonly result in fatalities because of how quickly they happen. If you are dealing with a construction injury, the advice of a construction accident lawyer can be crucial.

Construction accidents are commonplace in the industry.

Construction workers are at risk of various injuries while on the job. While there are many different causes, the top ten construction accidents include:

  1. Falls. Work from buildings or scaffolding can be dangerous because of the high-hanging heights that construction workers are often required to work in. Falling, which is usually a result of slipping and not being able to find anything to catch oneself on, causes about one-third of all construction accidents, and this tends to happen most often when they’re working in an unstable environment. Having to use ladders, work on roofs, and on scaffolding only makes the likelihood of a fall higher.
  1. Falling Debris. Although the importance of proper equipment is well understood in this industry, workers are still exposed to hazards like tools, cables, and other building supplies present on the site. Falling items, such as tools and pieces of scaffolding, can seriously injure those below if they strike the ground from great heights.
  1. Electrocutions. It is common for exposed wires and unfinished electrical systems to be present until construction on a building has been complete. These pose a risk of electrocuting the person who flips an outlet or turns on a light switch or anyone who comes into contact with these wires.
  1. Explosions or burns. Electrocution with wires is just one of the many hazards associated with overhead power lines. Even if a wire does not electrocute someone when it is exposed, it can still spark explosions or fires. Gas leaks can create a similar threat and need to be addressed with swift action as well.
  1. Slip and falls. Construction sites have materials and tools lying around which workers can easily trip over, such as extra plumbing pieces. Buildings can also contain slippery surfaces that make falls a certainty when it rains or when people are wearing shoes with slick soles.
  1. Machinery accidents. Construction workers frequently operate machinery while on the job, such as jackhammers or large cranes which may cause serious injury.
  1. Getting trapped in/between materials. Construction sites can be an unpredictable work environment, to say the least. Collapses on site can sometimes happen. Even if materials don’t directly fall on a worker, they can cause serious injuries. For example, when someone gets trapped between the wall and the material in an accident. This scenario often causes broken ribs or cuts off access to oxygen.
  1. Collapses. Excavating areas is a common practice for digging foundations. However, this process destabilizes the ground around it and can make the area prone to collapse. This leaves workers who may be inside or touching the trench in danger of collapse
  1. Vehicle crash. Construction on highways is a site with which many drivers are unfamiliar and potentially unsafe. Speeding or distracted drivers have often hit workers with their vehicles, causing serious harm.
  1. Overexertion. Labor jobs within the construction industry often require hours of grueling work in intense heat and humidity, all of which can lead to injuries like dehydration, fainting spells, or even strokes.

Many injuries are common on construction sites, and even those who take every measure to avoid injury may still be injured. When you are injured on the job in a construction site accident, it is important to consult with an experienced New York personal injury law firm. K.L. Sanchez Law Office has years of experience handling these types of cases and will be able to help you receive any additional compensation that corresponds with your injury. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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