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Keetick L. Sanchez


Keetick L. Sanchez is a lifelong resident of New York who is dedicated to helping her clients. Ms. Sanchez represents clients in courtrooms throughout New York City.

She skillfully handles administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings.

Before and while in law school, Keetick worked as a trial litigation paralegal for personal injury actions such as Labor Law 240, 241(6) and 241, motor vehicle accidents and slip & fall accidents. After graduating from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law School, Keetick continued her legal career as a litigator in a NYC personal injury law firm where she investigated and prosecuted hundreds of personal injury cases and quickly earned a reputation as a tough and tenacious attorney.

Additionally, Keetick gained practical experience on both the state and federal levels on matters of Criminal Law and Immigration Law while at Touro Law and after her graduation. While in law school, she interned with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office in the The Street Narcotics and Gangs Bureau (S.N.A.G.) bureau, where she assisted with the prosecution of drug and gang related cases and other misdemeanor and felony cases. She also interned with International Refugee Assistance Project (I.R.A.P.), handling immigration matters that assisted with refugees all over the world.

She is currently admitted to practice law in all boroughs of New York City. She is also currently admitted to practice law in the State of Texas.

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Michael Papson


Michael Papson, is an Experienced Criminal Defense Trial Attorney with an impressive track record representing clients who have been arrested for

Felonies, Misdemeanors, DWI, Domestic Violence, and other associated criminal charges.

Mr. Papson provides top-notch legal representation to his clients in negotiations, court hearings, and trials. Mr. Papson has represented and litigated both Felony and Misdemeanor trials in Queens Criminal Court. Mr. Papson has represented clients who have immigration issues and has extensive knowledge of the criminal/immigration issues that arise from a criminal case.

Graduating from Touro Law School, Mr. Papson has spent his whole career fighting for his clients as a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney.

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Yenny Lavin

Office Manager/Senior Paralegal

Yenny Lavin joined KLS Law in October 2019. Yenny has over 10 years of experience in Personal Injury, Office Administration and Customer Service. Yenny is fluent in both Spanish and English.  

Yenny is the KLS Law Office Manager and Senior Litigation Paralegal.  She dedicates herself to providing personal attention and care to each and every client.  Yenny ensures constant contact with clients to address any questions or concerns and to provide case updates. Yenny supports the team of KLS Law attorneys with day-to-day handling of cases including opening all claims with the insurance companies, guiding the client through their treatment process, and all aspects of litigation from commencement of the case in court all the way up to trials. 


Yenny graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in Dominican Republic with an educational equivalent in the United States of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Yenny enjoys music, traveling, leading group exercise classes in the community and especially the time she shares with her family and friends.

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Ricardo Saucedo


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Ricardo Saucedo has been a valuable member of KLS Law since 2023. Ricardo is the personal injury paralegal and handles pre-litigation and litigation matters.  Ricardo is responsible for the day-to-day handling of cases including proficiently opening a claim with an insurance company, property damage assistance, policy limits assertions, guiding the client through their treatment process, maintaining a constant communication with the client, and ensuring he/she gets the treatment and assistance they require. Ricardo also assists in all litigation aspects.  Ricardo is fluent in both Spanish and English. 

Ricardo is a certified lawyer in Bolivia, having earned his law degree from Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz. 

Ricardo is known for his professional philosophy: “A client that feels listened to will always be happy.”

Outside of his professional life, Ricardo enjoys traveling, playing soccer, and organizing barbecues with friends and family.

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Kelly Tigre

Legal Assistant/Calendar Clerk

Kelly Tigre joined KLS Law in August 2023. Kelly Tigre, originally from Spain, is a dedicated legal assistant with a passion for details and a strong work ethic. 

Kelly is the legal assistant for all legal matters handled at K L Sanchez Law Office. Whether a potential client needs help in a personal injury matter, criminal defense, immigration, and much more. Kelly supports legal professionals in various aspects of case management, research, and client communication. 

Kelly’s favorite quote is “To find success: go where others won’t go, do what others won’t do, and be what others won’t be.” She strives to find success for herself and KLS Law client by going the extra mile, takes on challenges head on, and do what is right by the client. 

Fluent in Spanish and English, Kelly brings youthful energy and creative insight into our legal team, fostering innovative approaches and fresh perspectives to our casework. Will always answer any questions or concerns with no language barrier. 

Kelly loves group activities, creative tasks, music, and helping others.

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Sonita Espinoza

Mobile Office Coordinator and Legal Assistant

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Sonita joined KLS Law in February 2022. Sonita is the KLS Law Bus/Mobile Office Coordinator and Legal Assistant.  Sonita assists the legal support team in all cases in the multiple KLS Law offices.  Also, Sonita goes out to different communities for community outreach with the KLS Law Bus.  

Sonita earned a legal degree from her home country Guatemala.  

Sonita’s mottos is “Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything.”  Being kind to potential client and current clients are my #1 priority because when they feel protected they are happy. That’s what we do at KLS Law.

Outside of her professional life, Sonita enjoys doing Zumba, traveling, and playing with her beautiful cats. Sonita is a huge animal lover. 

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