Should I Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

Last updated on: April 5, 2024

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the United States accounting for 1,008 worker deaths in 2018 alone, according to OSHA.  If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you may be wondering if you have any legal recourse or whether you should hire a construction accident lawyer. The answer to that is: it depends. However, before you make any decisions, it is important to speak with an experienced Queens construction accident attorney from K L Sanchez Law Office. Contact us today at (646) 701-7990 to schedule a consultation.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Hiring a Queens Construction Accident Attorney?

Hiring a Queens construction accident attorney is crucial for securing fair compensation for work-related injuries. These attorneys are experienced in the intricate legal landscape and strive to safeguard your rights, aiming for the best possible outcome in your case. However, potential clients often wonder if there are any disadvantages to hiring such an attorney.

The most common concern is the cost of legal services, which is a significant consideration considering the financial impact of workplace injuries. Nonetheless, many construction accident attorneys in Queens offer their services on a contingency fee basis, meaning their payment depends on the successful resolution of your case through a percentage of the compensation received. If there is no financial recovery, the attorney does not get paid.

There is also concern that involving a lawyer might make the case more complicated. On the contrary, a lawyer can streamline the claims process, ensuring compliance with all required steps and deadlines. They are adept at identifying liable parties and negotiating with insurers for fair compensation.

While there are perceived drawbacks to hiring a Queens construction accident lawyer, the benefits typically outweigh these concerns. K L Sanchez Law Office offers free consultations, allowing clients to evaluate their cases without financial obligation. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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Why Are Construction Sites So Dangerous?

Construction sites are places where there is a flurry of activity with a lot of workers, machinery, tools, and equipment, all sharing a limited amount of space. There is a constant injury potential for falls and being hit by dangerous objects. Other factors can enter into construction site accidents, such as

  • Lack of adequate training —  Because of the dangerous aspects of a construction site, workers should be trained in safety precautions.
  • Unsafe equipment — Heavy equipment can be inherently dangerous, even when used properly. Often, employees do not know how to use the equipment correctly. In other cases, machinery or equipment hasn’t been properly maintained or inspected for safety. Sometimes, equipment is rented from another party altogether, which adds another level of liability.
  • Environmental safety issues — Construction goes on, even in inclement weather. This can add to accident risks from falls to electrocutions.

At K L Sanchez Law Office, personal injury attorney Keetick L Sanchez and our team of New York construction accident lawyers understand how important it is for a victim to receive the compensation they deserve. We may be able to help you seek compensation if you’ve been a victim of a construction accident. Contact us today at (646) 701-7990 to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney.

Factors Description
Lack of adequate training Workers should be trained in safety precautions due to the dangerous aspects of construction sites.
Unsafe equipment Heavy equipment can be dangerous if not used properly or maintained, increasing the risk of accidents.
Environmental safety issues Construction continues in various weather conditions, posing risks such as falls and electrocutions.

Injuries While on the Job at a Construction Site in NYC

In the case where you were injured in an accident on the job at a New York City construction site, you may be limited to workers’ compensation for your injuries, if your employer had coverage. Even when a worker is covered under workers’ compensation coverage through their employer, however, that coverage may be limited and inhibit your rights to a future claim if the necessity arises.

As experienced construction accident lawyers in New York City, we often see where workers are employed as independent contractors or subcontractors without the benefit of workers’ compensation coverage. We also see where an accident may have been caused by a faulty piece of machinery or tool defect. Under these circumstances, you may be entitled to benefits under a third-party claim.

If you are a worker who has been injured on a construction job site in New York City, it’s important to speak with a personal injury attorney to understand what you may be covered for and the added ways you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Common NYC Construction Accident Injuries

A construction accident lawyer can help you obtain benefits for various construction accident injuries sustained while at work. These are the most common injuries that occur in construction work.

  • Back injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Gashes and lacerations
  • Eye injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Neck injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Spine injuries
  • Soft tissue and sprains
  • Wrongful death

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a construction site accident and suffered from injuries in New York City, you may be eligible for compensation. Having a skilled construction accident lawyer may be helpful in this case. At K L Sanchez Law Office, our team of experienced construction site accident lawyers has dedicated their work to helping victims of such accidents receive the compensation they deserve. Call us today at (646) 701-7990 to schedule a consultation. 

What Are the Bases for a Construction Accident Lawsuit? 


According to New York labor law, negligence can be used to support claims for personal injury from construction accidents in a construction accident lawsuit. There are legal thresholds for negligence and they must be consistent with labor laws. A plaintiff must show that the defendant owed them a duty to care in order to get workers’ compensation benefits.

The plaintiff must also prove that the defendant breached this duty of care in a construction accident injury. The construction accident lawyers must also prove that the plaintiff suffered personal injury or death as a result of the defendant’s negligence in the duty of care.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is the next legal basis for a case regarding a construction accident that occurred to workers in the construction. Under the premises liability provision, the owner of the property that caused the injury can be sued.

The construction accident lawyers representing the plaintiff must prove that the defendant was the owner or control of the property at the time the accident occurred. The plaintiff must show that the defendant was negligent in maintaining or using the premises.

Construction accident lawyers must prove that the plaintiff sustained a personal injury and that the damage was caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Vicarious liability, product or equipment defect, and vicarious negligence are other grounds that can be used to support workers’ compensation.

An experienced construction accident lawyer will know which foundation is best for your case.

What If You Were Injured as a Non-Worker on a Construction Site in Queens?

Non-worker injuries are another thing entirely. When you have been injured on a construction site as a non-worker, you will not be covered under workers’ compensation. You will need to file a claim through the property owner’s liability coverage in order to get compensated for your injuries. In this case, you’ll be required to prove negligence to be fairly compensated.

Unfortunately, proving negligence can be difficult when it comes to a construction claim and there are multiple parties that may be held liable, including

  • A property owner
  • A contractor
  • A subcontractor
  • An equipment rental company
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Vendors
  • And other related parties.

Hire an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer for Your Construction Accident Injuries Compensation

If you are injured on a construction site, hiring a construction accident attorney will be your best resource to understand your rights to compensation. Because of the moving parts and complicated nature of negligence as it applies to the construction industry, you don’t want to tackle this alone.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, get the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer in New York. Contact the K L Sanchez Law Office for a free consultation to understand your legal rights to compensation for your injuries.

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