What Kind Of Construction Accident Injuries Are Caused By Falling Objects?

Last updated on: September 16, 2021

While any injury can be painful and costly to treat, being hit by a falling object can be life-threatening. The construction sites pose a particular danger since the objects that can land on a passerby fall from the raised height. If you or your loved one has been injured by a falling object at a construction site in Queens, New York, contact falling objects lawyer Keetick Sanchez. All consultations are free – call now at (646) 701-7990.

What Types Of Injuries Are Caused By Falling Objects?

The falling objects can hit any part of your body and cause a range of injuries. However, many times construction debris hits the head, which can lead to concussions, brain damage, or even fatalities.

Other common injuries include neck, shoulder, back, and spinal cord injuries; broken bones and fractures; penetrating injuries. Such accidents can cause paralysis, disabilities and end a career, leaving the victim with no means of income.

What Causes Falling Object Accidents?

The construction site accidents leading to heavy objects falling and injuring a person can have a number of causes. The most common are the following:

  • Lack of safety at the construction site. The workers at the construction site should take extra care not to let the construction materials, working tools, or debris drop from higher levels. dropped while being hoisted from one level to another. The same applies to crane and lift operators who should secure the construction materials;
  • Lack of warning signs. Some areas of the construction site are just too dangerous to enter. Site workers and visitors, as well as passersby, should be effectively warned of the hazardous conditions. Barricades and warning signs should not be placed too close to dangerous areas;
  • Lack of supervision. The construction process on the site should be supervised at all times. The site supervisor should make sure the workers secure the construction materials, dispose of construction debris and follow safety protocols. The workers should wear the safety equipment and undergo safety training to minimize the accident risks;
  • Lack of machinery maintenance. The mechanical defects of the construction equipment can cause a load drop or of the machinery fall. The timely maintenance, testing, and inspections in line with safety requirements can protect people from injuries;

What Should You Do If A Falling Object Causes Your Injury?

If you were injured by a falling object or debris from a construction site, you may be able to receive compensation for your injury. You may have the right to compensation if the object caused you an injury because of another person’s careless behavior.

Our Lawyer Will Work Hard To Help You Get Compensation For Injuries Received As A Result Of Negligence.

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a falling object from a construction site, schedule a free consultation today! Contact Keetick Sanchez, a top rated Queens construction accident lawyer from the K L Sanchez Law Office. Understanding your rights under the law can give you peace of mind after an injury.

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