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What is the Most Common Accident on a Construction Site?

Last updated on: June 19, 2023

In New York City, at every turn, we see more construction. From renovations to demolitions, to building the newest sleekest high-rise from the ground up, our constant state of construction development creates safety hazards for those who routinely work on these job sites. 

While state and local governments have implemented strict laws around the construction industry here, it remains an industry plagued by accidents year after year. In 2021 alone, the New York City Department of Buildings reported 712 construction incidents resulting in 505 injuries and 9 fatalities. Unfortunately, many sites have continued to operate throughout the years while having a myriad of safety complaints against them for inadequate safety protocols. 

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Falls are the Deadliest of all Construction Accidents

According to OSHA, the most deadly construction accidents involve gravity-related falls. These include 

  • Falls from buildings or scaffolding due to unstable or unsafe environments
  • Slip and falls 
  • Falling debris

Falls From Building or Scaffolding

construction accident attorney in queens
Construction accident attorney in Queens

Construction workers are often required to work from great heights on our job sites, many from scaffolding structures. OSHA has strict requirements concerning scaffolding design and standards. When these standards are not adhered to, serious falls can happen, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. 

Scaffolding itself creates its own set of safety issues. Scaffolding that is improperly designed, maintained, or erected creates numerous safety issues for those who rely on them. Inadequate training or access to safety equipment and fall protection create safety risks for anyone working in the vicinity. From overloading scaffolding to erecting it too close to energy sources, many issues can lead to scaffolding accidents resulting in serious accidents, injuries, and fatalities.  

Slip and Fall Accidents on Construction Sites

Many slip and fall accidents on construction sites are due to hazardous conditions on the job site. These include surface and environmental conditions, obstructions, site-coordination issues, and human error. 

Falling Tools and Debris

According to EHS Today, a publication dedicated to occupational safety, injuries and fatalities caused by falling objects occur every 10 minutes on construction sites. OSHA requires that all materials and tools in a work environment be properly secured to prevent falling. 

Most Common Accident on a Construction Site Details
Falls from Building or Scaffolding Accidents from working at heights on scaffolding or buildings due to unstable environments, improper design or erection, lack of training, safety equipment, or overloading of scaffolding.
Slip and Fall Accidents Accidents caused by hazardous conditions, such as uneven surfaces, obstructions, coordination issues, and human error.
Falling Tools and Debris Injuries and fatalities resulting from falling objects due to improper securing of materials and tools in the work environment.

What are the Most Common Types of Crane Accidents?

Cranes must never be operated carelessly or left unsecured due to their inherent risks. The responsibility lies on owners and contractors to guarantee the safety of these colossal machines. This obligation encompasses regular inspections, providing guidance, maintaining equipment, and monitoring to minimize avoidable accidents.

The most common crane accidents are:

  • Falls from cranes
  • Faulty rigging
  • Worker crushed by the crane’s counterweight
  • Collapsed crane booms
  • Dropped loads from cranes
  • Cranes overturning
  • Injuries caused by under-the-hook lifting devices
  • Cranes coming into contact with surrounding energized power lines

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) approximates that around 225,000 cranes are actively employed across the nation every day. Over 250,000 individuals nationwide, including crane operators and workers on construction sites with crane usage, are exposed to the risk of crane-related injuries and fatal accidents.

The safety of workers and bystanders is jeopardized by various types of crane accidents. Nearly 45 percent of all crane mishaps, as reported by Northwestern Energy, are attributed to booms and cranes coming into contact with live power lines, which is the predominant cause of crane-associated fatalities. When cranes interact with live electrical wires, all metallic parts of the crane become electrically charged and hazardous. These incidents place the operator and nearby workers at a high risk of suffering severe and possibly fatal injuries from electric shock.

When a crane accident takes place, it is crucial to contact a NYC crane accident lawyer. The K L Sanchez Law Office is available to offer immediate assistance, ensuring the preservation of vital evidence, conducting interviews with witnesses, and meeting all necessary legal deadlines for your case. Arrange a consultation to maximize the chances of achieving a favorable outcome for your case.

The Scaffold Law 

Here in New York, the courts have decided that liability under Labor Law § 240, otherwise known as the scaffold law, is absolute, meaning that the owners and contractors, even if they are not actually involved in the direct supervision or control of the work, can be held legally liable for any injuries or fatalities that result. In other states, injured parties or surviving families must prove negligence in order to prevail in personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. 

But while our scaffold law does help many of our workers get critical help after a construction accident, the courts are very strict about what types of injury claims fall under it. Because the victim always has the burden of proof in these matters, it’s important to have experienced legal representation after a construction accident. 
At K L Sanchez Law Office, our skilled construction accident attorneys are diligent in our representation of injured workers and their families. If you have been injured in a construction accident in New York City, contact us at (646) 701-7990 or through our website contact form to schedule a no-cost consultation to understand your rights and how we can help.